Low-Code and MVP
Sarah Berger

5 reasons why you should develop your MVP with low code

When you're reading this article, you probably know the importance of an MVP and the obvious benefits of low-code. Yes, marketing slides tell you how much money you can save. This is partially true, but low code gives you much more benefits besides the obvious ones. In this article, I describe the five main low code advantages I see with my experiences of being a software development lead, and low code developer.

1. Launch earlier and get real feedback

This is by far the most overlooked benefit. Yes, you can save a lot of money by reducing the costs of software development. However, the real value is to develop something the market actually wants and customers are willing to pay for your product or service. Of course, you can still develop a product nobody wants with low code. The point is that you decrease the likelihood of developing a product for months without valid customer feedback.

What do I mean by valid customer feedback? Valid customer feedback is actions and not only words. People are kind (most of them), they will also tell you positive aspects about your services until they really need to use it and most importantly pay for it.

I'm developing digital products for a decade now, and I know pretty well that only actions are counting. You can develop as many click-dummies, PowerPoint presentations, or conduct interviews as you want. The truth is only what people are doing at the end with the actual product.

Therefore, and I can't repeat this enough - leave the building as soon as you can and launch your product to the public audience. That doesn't mean that you should launch unfinished products. But before you even think about pitching it to several VCs, why not ask the market and customer first?

I do see the ability to launch an idea much sooner than others as a real unfair advantage. Other than your competitors, you don't have to spend 6 months developing. Maybe you only need a month and build up a customer community way sooner.

2. Be able to react and adapt your MVP faster with low code

This advantage goes hand in hand wither the first advantage, "Launch earlier and get real feedback". While it is not only beneficial to launch a product faster, having the ability to react to your customer has other advantages as well. First, you can show your clients that you take their feedback seriously. Imagine you are offering a feature voting and a couple of weeks later the features can be used. Do you think this is illusionary? Welcome to 2021!

But it is not only about impressing your users. The world has shown us lately how almost everything can change and how important it is to have a flexible system. Those businesses which had no problem adapting to the new situations were clearly the winners in that scenario. Of course, this is not only a low-code topic.

3. Get familiar with software development

I know that low-code offers new possibilities for a lot of people. Mostly for those who weren't able to develop software systems before the low-code revolution. While I highly support this movement, I also see that once started with low-code the interest for other topics in the field of software development increases. I do support this even more.

Software development or IT, in general, is an amazing field. I personally can't think of a field more creative, profitable and flexible - all at the same time. However, I also know that at first, it might seem too complex and too nerdy. Low-Code allows users to have a softer introduction to the topic. To see which remarkable results you can create with software development clearly motivates you to go further.

Maybe you started with low-code and now even enriched it with custom code ;)

4. Less budget required for your MVP with low code

Of course, this benefit can't be missed. Yes, you do require less budget. On average you only need 1/7 of the original budget. But maybe you are surprised why. When I remember back in time when I was responsive for software development in the corporate environment, the project set-up was the following:

  • Frontend-Developer
  • Backend-Developer
  • Product Owner
  • Designer
  • Project manager
  • Scrum Master

While this is not even a year ago, I'm still amazed that we really did projects like that. Just way too many people with tasks not directly associated with the product's success.

Low-Code doesn't only help you reduce the number of software developers. It can simplify your complete project setup. Depending on the use case, you don't need to differentiate between Frontend Developer and Backend Developer. Many low-code developers (for example the Biberei) not only acts as a developer but also as product owners or project managers. With a smaller team, you might, can skip the Scrum Master.

I know that writing this makes me a few enemies. Don't worry, there is still a place for good Scrum Masters and Project Managers.

Importantly to say that with low-code you still won't get a custom code for just a couple of bucks.

5. Accelerate the internal digitalization

Especially in Germany, we are lacking digitalization. While digitalization is such a broader term, it can mean everything and nothing at the same time. In this article, I'm referring to digitalization in terms of software development and process automation.

If you ask an organization why they do not improve their internal processes with digitalization, they either don't know how to start or don't have enough resources (either people or money).

While low-code can't help you to identify which parts of your organization and processes are eligible for a successful digitalization, it can help you to overcome the resource hurdle. Instead of tons of various Excel files or other outdated software systems, you can develop your own applications completely customized for your use case.

You can now start digitalization projects, which never had a positive business in the past due to the high costs involved with software development. Using low-code can decrease the costs significantly and make many projects useful.

Are you ready for it?

If you want to develop your MVP with low code, you can start today. Do you need help with custom development? We are only one message apart.

If you are looking for great Youtube Tutorials - we have something special for you ;)

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