No Code Fintech
Sarah Berger

How to start a fintech with no-code

In this episode, we are talking about two important topics. Of course, we talk about low-code and no-code, but also how to actually start a fintech with no-code.

I'm happy to have Alexa with me here today. She founded a fintech company called Uplyft which helps especially women to get their private financial planning in order. Just a couple of weeks ago, the first version of their app launched. The app was developed (of course) with the no-code platform Glide.

Even though Alexa had a very successful position in her former career, she was driven by her vision to help women to get their financial planning right. This vision keeps her motivated every day to work hard on her fintech with the help of no-code.

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If you have feedback or ideas on which topics need to be covered at this podcast - you are more than welcome to get in touch with me.

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