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We Make Future Low Code

What is iPaaS and how can you use automation for your business?

In this episode, we are talking about iPaaS, process automation and cloud automation. Sebastian started his company We Make Future just a couple of years ago and grow organically over the last years. With his company, he really wants to help companies to rid of manual and inefficient processes. 

How to create a custom CSV upload element in bubble.io

How to create a custom CSV upload element with bubble.io

There are many situations where you want to give users the possibility to upload a bulk of data at one time with a CSV file. Even though there are from a technical perspective other ways to do this (e.g. with APIs) CSV files are still very common in many applications.

Marius from Hayv building a product with low code

How to change people’s lives with low code

A digital product is a possibility to scale your solution. This episode shows that scalability is not only for the sake of revenue or profit. It also gives you the possibility to help more people in their daily life with low code.