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Citizen Developer
Sarah Berger

How citizen developers and Low Code can come together

Low Code
Citizen Developer
Low Code Platform
This episode is especially interesting for all medium-sized companies and enterprises. We will talk about low-code for business applications and citizen developer.
Citizen Developer
Sarah Berger

How citizen developers and Low Code can come together

This episode is especially interesting for all medium-sized companies and enterprises. We will talk about low-code for business applications and citizen developer.
No Code Fintech
Sarah Berger

How to start a fintech with no-code

In this episode, we are talking about two important topics. Of course, we talk about low-code and no-code, but also how to actually start a fintech with no-code.
Low Code Bootcamp
Sarah Berger

Can a boot camp help you develop your MVP with low code?

In this episode, I had the chance to have a chat with Kristen and Sophie from the company Highliner Technology. Both had the idea of developing a software product that helps their clients to stay focused and organized in a chaotic world. We will learn how a boot camp helped them build the MVP in rapid time and which advice she has for other low code beginners.
Low Code and No Code Myths
Sarah Berger

What are the myths about low-code and no-code platforms?

In this episode, we are talking about the top myths about low-code and no-code platforms. I have the pleasure to talk with Jesus Vargas who is running the lowcode.agency. As we both are running a low-code agency we will share experiences and also myths we often hear. 
Low Code SaaS
Sarah Berger

How to start a mini SaaS Business with Low Code

In this episode, we cover two very fascinating topics. We will have a look behind the curtains of starting a low code platform company. Mustafa from Code2.io shares the vision of the company as well as how he came up with the idea of funding the company. But not only that, furthermore we will take a deep dive into how mini SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses are an ideal case to be developed with low code.
Bubble.io MVP
Sarah Berger

How to develop an MVP with Bubble.io

At this time I'm interviewing David Rosenberg who is the founder of Budget Referee. He is building the first MVP version of its application within bubble.io
Sarah Berger

How you can start a business without burning out

This episode is slightly different from the others. This time we are also talking about low code and give a concrete example of an MVP that was built with low code. But we are also touching on an even more important topic. Low Code is only the tool for you to start your business. What is far more important is that you keep an eye on yourself physically and mentally. Social media as an example can give us a strange view of how start-ups or entrepreneurs should be like. Mostly without sleep, proper food, time for health, and a lot of caffeine.
MVP with Low Code
Sarah Berger

Create a first MVP and gather customer feedback with low code

In this episode, we are talking with Mona und Rinu from Optimo. They are currently developing a first MVP with low code to gather customer feedback in a short amount of time.
Low Code Mittelstand
Sarah Berger

What are typical low code use cases for the Mittelstand?

In this episode, we are talking with Roland from SIB Visions about typical low code use cases for medium-sized companies. Roland is the founder of a low code platform, Vision X. He is in the industry for quite a while and used low code when no one knew this term.
Low Code Product Owner
Sarah Berger

What are the benefits of using low code for a product owner?

In this episode, we are welcoming Nico. He is a product owner of a software system calling Intro.Chat. We are talking about a new way of working, the daily challenges of being a product owner, and how low code can be beneficial for product owners.
Video Calls and Low Code
Sarah Berger

How to easily implement video calls with Callstr

In this episode, we will talk with Melanie from Callstr about how to make video calls much easier. Callstr is a solution that enables you to implement your own video calls on your website or software application.
Renewable Energy
Sarah Berger

How low code can help to create a sustainable future with renewable energy

In this episode, we are talking about a very important topic - renewable energy. Charlotte is the CO-Founder of variate.energy. Her start-up is developing a risk assessment service that helps companies to calculate the business risk associated with types of renewables energy based on its location.
Sarah Berger

What is iPaaS and how can you use automation for your business?

In this episode, we are talking about iPaaS, process automation and cloud automation. Sebastian started his company We Make Future just a couple of years ago and grow organically over the last years. With his company, he really wants to help companies to rid of manual and inefficient processes. 
Low Code MVP
Sarah Berger

How to raise awareness about menopause with Low Code

If you think about menopause, you won't think about a young girl in their twenties starting a company with a goal to help women in menopause. This is exactly what Janna does with her company femfeel. Together with the help of many experts and low code, Janna and her CO-Founder Mary developed an individual digital program that can help women in their menopause.
Low Code MVP
Sarah Berger

How to change people's lives with low code

A digital product is a possibility to scale your solution. This episode shows that scalability is not only for the sake of revenue or profit. It also gives you the possibility to help more people in their daily life with low code.
Low Code MVP
Sarah Berger

Start a side business with Low Code - Insights from HalloPodcaster

In this episode, we learn from Jan from HalloPodcaster, how he solved an actual business problem and started a side business with the help of low code.
Low Code Organization
Sarah Berger

How can low code affect your team and organization?

This vision of Lilith and her company VisualMakers is to enable each one to build software. I couldn't agree more on that, as this was exactly the same vision I had in my mind when building my own company. 
Business Automation
Sarah Berger

What are the important steps when automating your business?

In this episode, I had the pleasure to talk with Matt Bourn. He is the owner of the company fivexfive. He is an absolute expert when it comes to business automation and process optimization with low code tools. In this episode, Matt gives very concrete use cases when business automation makes sense and how a company should start automating its business.


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