What to do when you are facing the boundaries of no-code?

You really can do a lot of things without writing a single line of code. But sometimes you hit the boundary and custom code is required. That was exactly the case when David approached us. For his e-commerce system, he wanted to implement the Amazon Seller API. 

Learn more about how we were able to help David to overcome this hurdle.

Building an e-commerce platform with the Amazon Seller Partner API

David wants to build an ecommerce platform where the seller has a holistic overview of all different channels. One platform where information about current inventory, ebay sales, Paypal Sales and Amazon Seller are available. 

Unfortunately the Amazon Seller API requires you to sign each API requests, which is not possible to do with default API requests given in low-code tools such as Bubble.io

Developing an AWS signature version 4 Bubble.io plug-in

In order to work the Amazon Seller Partner API, you need to sign each API-requests. This has to be done programmatically. Therefore, we developed a plug-in with custom code which uses the AWS signature version 4 to sign the requests. The plug-in interface for the user was kept lean and simple. 

With that plug-in it is  possible to use bubble.io and its API requests in the default way and signing them correctly. 

Months-long frustration was solved in one week

When we met David, he was working on the application for months. The biggest hurdle was the correct integration of the Amazon Selling Partner API. 

We did not only manage to develop the plug-in but also set all required AWS settings correctly and gave AWS consulting.

Within just a week, he accelerated his development speed with a solid set-up of the API requests and AWS infrastructure.

Some words from the client...

Sarah and Macro are like plug-in and custom code ninjas, they work fast and very skillful. I’m very happy and grateful with their work. Thanks.
David Saquing
CEO of HMN Supplies LLC