LowCode Example

No Code Beispiel Inventory Management

No Code Beispiel – Inventory Management System

In dieser Serie zeigen wir verschiedene Beispiele von Geschäftsanwendungen, welche mit No Code entwickelt werden können. Heute ist das No Code Beispiel ein Inventory Management System. Wir werden die benötigen Funktionen auflisten und abgleichen, ob diese mit No Code oder Low Code entwickelt werden können.

Integrate Adalo and Bubble

How to integrate Adalo and Bubble

While Adalo and Bubble alone are very powerful no-code tools, they both have their disadvantages. In this article, I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of both systems and how to build the perfect app by combining the two no-code tools.

How to develop an MVP with bubble.io

How to develop an MVP with Bubble.io

At this time I’m interviewing David Rosenberg who is the founder of Budget Referee. He is building the first MVP version of its application within bubble.io

Notifications in bubble.io

How to create notifications with Bubble.io?

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to create notifications for several groups of users within bubble.io. Additionally, I’ll show you how to display them in a nice header notification element.