Custom smartphone apps and web applications

The Beavery specializes in the software development of mobile apps and web applications with low-code. We take over the technical implementation as well as consulting, design and conception for our customers. 

Apps for iOS and android

We develop custom native apps for Android and iOS. With Flutter and Dart as cross-platform technology, we can reduce development time by more than half without compromising on quality. 

Each app is completely tailored to your use case. Additionally, you can save 50% of your development time. 

Technologies used






Google Cloud

Webapplications for your business idea

With Low-Code we are able to develop web applications and smartphone apps. Low-Code enables us to reduce the development effort to 1/6. 

We are not dependent on any technology, but choose the best solution for you. We take care of the conception, design and development. Afterwards you can further develop and maintain the application yourself.   

Technologies used






Support for digital start-ups

We primarily support founders with a digital business model. We identify which features you need for your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In addition, we provide a technology recommendation and show the maximum costs. 

The Beavery thus actively supports the start-up scene in Germany.