Our Work

Development of digital products

Financial education in a new way - the Fibi App

Together with Beyond Saving we have developed a mobile application (Android and iOS) for financial education, which has never existed before. The fundamental idea is to combine financial education and gamification. We accomplished the product in just a few weeks what others would take months to do. From an idea to beta testing in a matter of weeks. The product is not a prototype, but has been built for ongoing development and to scale.

The Beavery not only took over the complete software development. On top of that, we were able to apply our capabilities in the areas of product strategy, validation of hypotheses, feature roadmap, UX testing and piloting.

Learn more about the technical background of the product and how we collaborated.

Business modelling

We can only do software development? Not at all! In all our projects we never just focus on software development. We always consider the entire product and work with our customers to evaluate the business model. Specifically, we have years of experience in the following capabilities and can offer consultation and support:

  • Design of a business model with the help of Business Model Canvas
  • Formulate hypotheses and highlight validation possibilities
  • Calculation of a business case and determination of any underlying assumptions
  • Customer interviews and feedback loops as a foundation for MVP development
  • Features derivation for the first MVP and further product releases
  • Piloting of business models

Professional and organizational leadership of agile teams

As the people responsible for the entire IT scope of specific solutions, we have experience in the organization and efficient leadership. This includes planning, designing, developing and approving new developments, but also running, supporting and training customers. We understand cultural differences and the specific nature of remote teams. We can accomplish a wide variety of tasks, in a timely manner, and with a high level of customer satisfaction.

In addition to professional organization, we also have experience in the professional leadership of agile teams. We can combine the best of the worlds of corporate management and agile leadership. Additional leadership skills in the area of digital leadership have been acquired in a practical manner and applied in various ways and trained internally.

On a regular basis, we share our experiences and thoughts on modern leadership in talks and podcasts.