Kick-start your new digital product

I can use my experience to support founders in the development of digital products. I help founders with a clear roadmap, a first product vision and a cost estimation.

Sarah Berger
Sarah Berger

Do you recognize yourself?

Passion and power

Are you passionate about your idea for a digitally-enabled solution?

First ideas and thoughts

You have already worked out a business model and financial planning?

Uncertainty facing technical implementation

You are unsure how a technical implementation of your concept can look like?

No waste of budget

You only want to spend your budget on meaningful software development?

Within three steps you are prepared for the development of your digital product

Risks & hypotheses

Using your product vision as a basis, we work out the product risks.

In order to minimize risks, we set up hypotheses. We use hypotheses to derive insights from uncertainties by applying quantitative or qualitative methods.

We set up a hypothesis validation plan. The ultimate goal is to evaluate as many hypotheses as we can with as little effort as possible.


Technology selection

Based on your product concept and vision, we will develop a technology recommendation for you. When recommending the technology, we pay attention to standardization and expandability.

We have tested all the suggested technologies first hand and gathered our own experience.

When possible, we strongly recommend technologies with lower programming effort. We want you to have a first version of your product in your hands as quickly as possible.


Roadmap & customer feedback

Given the hypotheses and technology options, we'll draw up a roadmap for your product.

We specify a first release version of your product. With the so-called Minimum Viable Product (MVP) you are able to collect first customer feedback.

You will receive a detailed estimation of the software development costs. The development costs and the associated expenses are extremely crucial for your business calculation.


What are the costs and what can I get for it?

Support for digital start-ups

The complete solution for your digital product
899 netto
  • Documented product risks and hypotheses
  • Technology recommendation and product roadmap
  • 3-4 sessions of 2 hours each IT consulting
  • Transparent cost assessment
  • Total price can be deducted from the following project
  • Perfect time flexibility

Your deliverables

Why are we able to do that?

I'm Sarah, and I've seen quite a bit in my time in the IT industry. Right at the beginning of my career as a consultant, I developed a feel for my clients' needs. Later, as a software development team leader, I brought various digital products to market.

I am a business information scientist with an MBA in entrepreneurship and innovation management. I have a sense of leadership and get my teams up to speed. At the Beavery, I'm all about sharing my knowledge and experience with customers and partners on how they can develop digital products quickly and effectively.

Above all, it is important to me that only products are developed which generate added value for the customer. I have seen too many weak products and too many misguided investment decisions.

I am still undecided and have a few more questions....

If you are unsure whether this course is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want this course to bring you and your digital product forward. Drop us an email or book an appointment for a free initial consultation.