Dream big, start small - how to develop a soccer prediction app within days

Everything about our project with Ian and his goal of motivating more people for soccer in the US. 

This project really demanded us when it comes to time and budget constraints. We had the task to develop a football prediction app not within weeks, but within days. The functionalities required were the following: 

  • User management with different roles and permissions 
  • Possibility to create leagues, games and teams as an administrator
  • Interface for users to predict the games and see the actual result including their game points
  • Automatic calculation of the gained points for each user for each game. The calculation has a lot of constraints. 
  • Leaderboard for the users, as all as the administrator which is ranked by two constraints. 

What was the goal and the greatest difficulty?

The goal was that everything which is currently done via Excel spreadsheets and a lot of manual work to completely automatize. The vision was that no Excel spreadsheet needs to be sent back and forth. Also, for the players, the whole experience of predicting and seeing the actual result should be much smoother and user-friendly. In addition to that, the whole application needs to be build that it is easy to extend in the future for more advanced use cases. 

There were two great difficulties. The first one was the time and budget constraint. We had no time for trial and error. We need to be work very efficiently and need to meet client’s need very precisely. The second one was the integration of internal API-workflows. The normal bubble workflow functionality is not sufficient for the advanced calculations of gaming points. Therefore, we came up with a solution how to create an internal API in order to increase speed of the calculation and ensure later on changes. 

How did we work together?

From the first meeting until the handover call, we had 3 meetings where we discussed the project and the requirements. Other than that the Biberei worked completely autonomic when it comes to design of the application, user interaction and workflows. 

We deployed very quickly so that Ian had the chance to be involved in the development process. This is beneficial as we can work in this feedback very soon. 

At the final hand over call we worked together on the application so that we were able to fix bugs and add minor features right away. 

Which technologies did we used?

This web application is completely built with bubble.io. In order to increase the speed of the application, we didn’t use any other plug-ins. Everything has been developed by us. On top of the basic bubble functionalities, we created an internal API for the game calculation. This way the whole experience is much faster and very easy to maintain in the future.

Some words from the client...

From the very moment that Sarah first responded to my RFP, I was impressed by her promptness, professionalism and expertise. Perhaps most of all though, the speed at which she grasped my concept and was able to execute the ideas into a working product was exceptional. It has been an absolute joy and relief in working with Sarah and she has given me every confidence in ensuring the project would come to fruition. All of my questions were answered and at each and every step of the process, Sarah clearly outlined what could be achieved before actioning what was needed.