ChipQuest - a broker system for semiconductors

ChipQuest is a perfect example of how to create a unique digital business model by applying your professional experience and knowledge.

As many of you know, we do have a worldwide shortage of semiconductors. This shortage can lead to an interruption of crucial business activities. One solution how to overcome this problem is ChipQuest. ChipQuest is a platform where companies searching for semiconductors can meet with several brokers. There is no need of writing e-mails back and forth anymore or contact all known brokers. With ChipQuest you can create an inquiry and other brokers can tender their supply.

What was the goal of the project?

The big aim of this project was to bring ChipQuest to life and have a real application ready for actual customers and traffic. Even though there is no question that there is a huge need to overcome the hurdle of semiconductors shortage, there were other hypotheses to be validated.

We wanted to develop an MVP that was far more than a simple demo application. It includes the main functionalities and ensures a solid customer experience. The user should not get a touch of using an MVP. Therefore, we implemented the main functionalities, which are the following:

  • User management including a complex roles & privilege system to ensure confidentially
  • Company management for the ChipQuest admin and the company admin itself
  • Possibility to create and modify inquiries manually or via bulk upload operations
  • Possibility to search and filter for inquiries
  • Create and modify submitted offers
  • Accept or cancel inquiries and terminate the search process
  • Possibility to see for which inquiries have been submitted an offer already
  • Possibility to chat with each other on a company level
  • Notifications and E-Mail about all important events which were happening
  • Basic analytics for ChipQuest admin

While implementing all functionalities, we also thought about the future of ChipQuest. That’s why the whole application support multiple languages. On top of that, additional functionalities can be added easily.

Due to some geographical circumstances, there are almost no plug-ins used. Everything is developed by the Biberei to ensure robustness and durability.

Another goal of this project is that the application can be continually developed by the owner. That’s why the whole development was transparent and comprehensible. The documentation acts as a hand-over to ensure all important functionalities are described.

A perfect example of lean software development

What makes me really proud is that we were able to develop an application within 1,5 months with all that functionalities and have first customers on board from the very first day. Gunnar did everything right by introducing the application to the first clients while the Biberei was continuously developing it. This is a textbook example of lean and customer-centric development. While we were launching, it was possible for us to modify and add new features within days.

I’m very happy that I had the pleasure to work on this project. I wish ChipQuest all the best in the future, and I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time we hear about ChipQuest.

Some words from the client

"When starting this project, my idea wasn't that I would develop it in low code and I also didn't think that I would work with a developer located in Germany. My idea was full stack development in India or Eastern Europe in order to get as much done as possible within my budget. I am extremely happy now that I came across the Biberei. Not only did Sarah convince me of the many advantages of Bubble, but I also found a development partner in her who actively engaged in my thought process on how to create the most value for my users. Discussing planned feature developments in depth with Sarah became a large contributor to the success that ChipQuest is seeing today. I would like to thank Sarah and the Biberei for a very enjoyable, extremely efficient and target-driven development collaboration that delivered a product that's better than my original plan."