How the Biberei helped to collect valuable feedback more efficiently

Everything about our project we project together with we-integrate e.V. –  learn how to build a multilanguage application using low code tools. 

we project helps the volunteers at we integrate e.V. to collect valuable feedback about the projects and events they run. We created a browser-based web application that lists current projects and events. Users can look up projects and sign up for events. The administrators at we integrate e.V. do use an admin dashboard to view feedback, add/edit projects and to create events.

Covering as many devices and languages as possible

The goal of the project was to create an accessible application that helps to give and receive feedback on projects and events. In order to have. The users come from different cultures and speak a great variety of languages. So, we were facing the challenge of creating a multi-language and multi-device application. Therefore, we paid attention to the responsiveness of the pages, that the users interact with. They are designed to work on mobile phones as well as browsers. We heavily tested the different pages on a large variety of devices. To implement the responsiveness, we used the responsive UI builder of as an underlying low code platform. We added features for administrators to enable new languages. All labels used in the application are translatable and will adapt to the language the users choose. The volunteers at we integrate e.V. can use the built-in functionality to provide translations for the different languages.

Putting software in the hands of users - literally

Since we integrate e.V. works very actively on participation and integration, we chose a very hands-on approach to user testing. We met for an open-air picnic, where we invited users to try and use we project. We collected valuable feedback, which we used to improve the app afterwards. We will continue to support we integrate e.V. with further changes, bugfixes and improvements for we project. We choose to build the web application on as a low code platform. Not only that, but we did so, because we wanted to choose a tool that can be used by citizen developers. It’s important for we integrate e.V., that they are not left alone with a complicated tool. So, low code is the perfect match here.

Some words from the client

Woaw! The Biberei has given us, as a non-profit project, a website application that is something to be proud of. Our refugees and new immigrants can now click through a simple but efficient tool to rate our projects. Thank you Sarah and Marco for this great work and your social engagement!