How to develop an MVP with

How to develop an MVP with

At this time I'm interviewing David Rosenberg who is the founder of Budget Referee. He is building the first MVP version of its application within
Integrate mailerlite with

How to integrate mailerlite into your application

E-Mail marketing is still a very important marketing activity. Even though the importance, especially European-based companies struggle how to handle the confidential personal information in order to be compliant with…
Bubble.IO Notifications

How to create notifications with

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to create notifications for several groups of users within Additionally, I'll show you how to display them in a nice header…
Perfect match between and AWS

How to combine Low Code with AWS to build any product

The perfect match Yes, you can combine your Low Code application with Amazon Web Service. This gives you endless possibilities for features and helps you to overcome the scalability issue.…
Marius from Hayv building a product with low code

How to change people’s lives with low code

A digital product is a possibility to scale your solution. This episode shows that scalability is not only for the sake of revenue or profit. It also gives you the…