We encourage digital.

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Our drive and vision

We are in the midst of a transition from industrialized markets to highly individualized and digitized markets. To survive in the digitized business world, we need an understanding of the nature of digital products as well as speed and focus in their development. We are here to prepare our customers and partners for these new requirements and take them with us into this changed world. We empower you to make better decisions, to think up digital products and to lead by example and as a partner.

What is the meaning of Beavery?

Beavers are the architects of wildlife. They sustainably change the surrounding landscape with their beaver dams. We want to create an economic landscape with new opportunities in the same way. In the process, beavers are also very clever. They build their dams piece by piece - every day they have to prove themselves anew. We think that's the right way to do it.

The team

Sarah Berger


I'm Sarah, and I've seen quite a bit in my time in the IT industry. Right at the beginning of my career as a consultant, I developed a feel for my clients' needs. Later, as a software development team leader, I brought various digital products to market.

I am a business information scientist with an MBA in entrepreneurship and innovation management. I have a sense of leadership and get my teams up to speed. At the Beavery, I'm all about sharing my knowledge and experience with customers and partners on how they can develop digital products quickly and effectively.

As managing director of the Beavery, I take care of product vision and strategy, business model development and new leadership concepts.

My two biggest passions are digital products and modern leadership concepts. I am convinced that digitalization starts with a mindset and that we need new leadership concepts for a sustainable transformation in companies. That's the reason why I try to talk about my experiences as a leader and my ideas as much as possible.

I find relaxation deep underwater. I am a passionate diver and do not shy away even from icy mountain lakes.

Marco Berger


I'm Marco and my career is all about software. From development to support and coaching I have seen it all. I've worked at IBM as a consultant managing large customer projects and experienced globally distributed software development. As a software developer, I have built cloud-based infrastructures, programmed mobile apps, and assisted my teams in the role of Scrum Master.

I did my master's degree in business informatics. I never really wanted to choose one side - business or computer science. Likewise, I focus on software development, new technologies and methodologies. That's how I develop an understanding at the Beavery for the opportunities and potentials that digital products open up.

As co-founder of the Beavery, I focus on the topics of software development, testing, DevOps and cloud.

I do believe that balance is an important part of life. Therefore, for me, mountain biking means not only downhill, but also uphill - no pleasure without work.

Our values and principles

Pragmatic with spirit of discovery

We learn with the use of experiments about what is important to the user. Feedback is our tool and determines the direction of our projects. This is how we create software products with true value. We replace long technical specifications with communication and pragmatism. This makes us fast and highly effective.

Production ready software instead of prototypes

We don't work for nice and fancy PowerPoint presentations. Our software products are built for real use. That's why we focus on the specific business value of the products. We don't just develop software halfway - we focus on production ready software rather than prototypes. That's how we create long-lasting value.

Appropriate tools for best use

We do not select our tools based on our personal preferences. We use the tools that are best suited to the task at hand - and that also applies to state-of-the-art software and services. Furthermore, we work with our customers and give them an honest picture of technology and digitization. That makes decisions better.

Risk sharing and working on eye-level

We are rethinking many areas - for us, this also includes cooperation. We see ourselves not only as a service provider, but also as a partner. For this purpose, we like to try out new compensation models and accept some of the risks in developing new business models. That opens up new flexibility.

Why we act so differently

Product development must be faster. We live in a time in that the market is constantly transforming and only quick learning companies will survive in the long term. We are convinced that new technologies allow innovative and profitable business models.

However, we do not teach from the textbook, but rather show with practical experience from a range of different professional projects how you and your company can prepare for the future.