We develop software-based products at a rapid pace with high quality standards

We help you to achieve the next step in your digital journey. We will support you from your product idea until the actual software development. With us your development time can be reduced significantly. We guide you through the software jungle and give you the guidance you need. Our portfolio helps you to get your company ready for a change to a more digital world. There are exciting time ahead!

We transform your ideas into reality

Support for digital start-ups

You do have an idea for a digital start-up? Instead of spending way too much money and wasting your time we give you the guidance you need for the very beginning. Together with you and your team we will help you to transform your conceptual idea to an action plan. We show you to identify hypothesis, potential product risks and how to validate your ideas in a lean way. Our longstanding experiences help us to give you a technology recommendation for your implementation.

Cloud Starterkit

You want to use the benefits of cloud technologies? We will help your company to make use of the benefits without spending too much money. We will show you how to operate your software applications sustainably and avoid downtimes. Additionally, you will identify which cloud services serves you most. In just a matter of weeks even beginners feel comfortable using the cloud and its benefits.

Develop and optimize software value streams

Fibi App - Quizscreen

Market testing of new products: Development of web application and mobile apps

We develop web applications or mobile apps in collaboration with your team. We use proven cloud technologies and thus quickly give you access to the market. This way, you receive valuable customer feedback rapidly.

Automatize and shorten development times: Continuous Integration and Deployment

Through consistent automation, we enable your team to accelerate your software development. We work together with your team to automatize your build and deployment processes. With automated tests and releases we can ensure the quality of the software.

Testimonials & partners

Beyond Saving

CyberForum e.V.



Learn more about our current projects, experiences and thoughts in our blog. There are many articles around the topics of agile leadership, digital product development, software development, low code, cloud and DevOps.

Wie kannst du Bubble als Backend verwenden?

Eine flexible Low-Code Architektur bietet dir die Möglichkeit, die Vorteile der verschiedenen Plattformen miteinander zu verknüpfen und skalierbare Anwendungen zu entwickeln. In diesem Artikel beschreiben wir, wie du für deine Anwendung Bubble als Backend verwenden kannst.

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🏭 Production ready software instead of prototypes

🛠 Appropriate tools for best use

🙏 Risk sharing and working on eye-level

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