Another podcast? Why we need the low code founders podcast

Podcast Low Code Founders first episode

Welcome to the first episode of the low code founders podcast!

This podcast is all about entrepreneurship, digital products, digital business models, and of course low code. I will give you the motivation to start your business without having a CTO.

You will learn from entrepreneurs who started their own businesses using low code technologies. Furthermore, in every episode, we will look behind the scenes of being an entrepreneur and its daily struggles.

You will hear a lot of low code examples and potential business ideas.

This first episode is about my personal story, the funding of the Biberei, and the goals of this podcast.

If you have feedback or ideas about which topics need to be covered at this podcast, you are more than welcome to touch with me.

You can find more information on, or you can drop me a message at 

Enjoy and keep on building new digital products. 


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